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Fanny and David are a couple of globetrotting restaurant owners who love to discover the culinary arts through different countries and cultural differences. Their last experience is in Los Angeles, California, a feel-good place and model of a cool lifestyle where the good vibe is an art of living! Los Angeles is a multicultural crossroads where ethnic influences coexist, interact and mix together in the plate which they brighten up. Born from a true love affair with the City of Angels, Rosana shares the most beautiful discoveries from the Californian sun to the Riviera sun.


We love this place, during the lockdown it was our “GoTo” place for fantastic takaway lunches. Now it is back in 3Normal3 service we  will once again be able to enjoy one of our favorite restaurants in Cannes. UVA serve an ever changing menu of freshly prepared dishes using local ingredients, we know you will love this place, please tell them we recommended you.